A fan of Virus Outbreak Movies? - Check these 8 Sci-Fi Films Out

Always remember that whenever you end up catching a cold, there are plenty of things you can contract that are far far worse. Especially if you live within a horror movie. So today I thought I'd cover films which plots that revolve around viral outbreaks.

Where an outbreak is a sudden occurrence of a disease within a particular place and time frame. In which it can affect a small town or an entire continent. Within the movie universe it's usually super lethal & highly contagious, or it just turns you into some form of zombie, so for the sake of simplicity- I'm going to focus on a mix of both types.. But I'm saving most of the zombie ones for another video.

Outbreak 1995

Director Wolfgang Petersen's Action Drama, Follows Virologist Col Sam Daniels' whose job within the military is to investigate nasty diseases. When a deadly airborne virus finds its way into a small town within the USA, it rapidly starts killing off the local population. where it's now up to Col Daniels and his team, to try and control this viral outbreak.

The reason why most millennials are afraid of monkeys, Outbreak is a cheesy film with an all-star cast filled with all the stereotypes and clichés you would expect from a 90's movie. This film will definitely require your suspension of disbelief at times, with its unnecessary yet fun action scenes and unintentionally funny parts. But overall outbreak is a good popcorn movie, that should entertain and hold your attention throughout.

[Rec] 2007

Directors Balaguero & Plaza's, Mystery Horror, Set in Barcelona, where a television reporter and her cameraman are following a local fire crew for their Tv Show. Whilst filming the fire-fighters

they receive a distress call from a local apartment building. When they arrive everything seems normal, until they go inside.

Shot as found footage, and absolutely terrifying- [REC] is a Spanish horror that is done exceptionally well. and as I'm personally not a fan of this subgenre it came as quite a surprise how much I liked it. While I wouldn't say that it adds anything new, that doesn't take away from the fact that this film is a solid benchmark for what found footage movies should attempt to achieve. If you're a fan of the Blair Witch Project or Cloverfield then give [Rec] a go.

The Crazies 2010

Director Breck Eisner, Horror Thriller, Set in a small Iowa town where everything is pretty normal. Until one day a man burns down his own house, while another walks onto a school baseball game with a loaded shotgun. With all these crazy events happening, it doesn't take the Sheriff long to figure out that something is definitely affecting the people in his town.

Well shot with plenty of jumps scares and gore, The Crazies is a pretty good remake with solid acting and a surprisingly engaging story. While I wouldn't say it's particularly scary, I'd say the movies strength lies with how unsettling it is, where it makes you feel tense for the whole of the

third act.

Technically it's not a true zombie movie, but it does have an original twist on the survival horror genre, that's fairly unique.

Pontypool 2008

Director, Bruce McDonald's, Fantasy Horror, Follows radio announcer Grant Mazzy, who has a new job in the small town of Pontypool. Whilst listening to their reporter describing a rather strange

sounding riot, the call gets abruptly cut off. When the reporter calls back, Grant & his team, become aware that something horrible is occurring just a few miles away from them.

An intelligent horror that delivers more, than the usual cheap jump scares Pontypool is a tension filled movie clearly inspired by Orson Wells' the war of the worlds. It's supported by top notch acting, combined with some of the best suspense I've ever experienced within film.

Pontypool is completely different to your standard virus outbreak movies, mainly due to it taking place entirely within a radio station- where it's completely down to your imagination to fuel the fear.

Shivers 1975

Director, David Cronenberg's, Horror sci-fi, Set in a luxury apartment building, where there appears to be a bizarre murder-suicide, in which a misguided biology researcher kills his mistress to assure funding for his project. But when the residents of the building start getting sexually assaulted by their fellow tenants, it becomes clear there was something more to that suicide.

Where this is more of a parasite based movie, than a straight forward virus film, Shivers actually has a pretty disturbing premise, where nobody really wants to be sexually violated in order to pass on a parasite! While the picture and sound quality are fairly poor, and the acting and effects are

OK it won't matter if you're a fan of low budget horror or David Cronenberg. But if you're expecting more, then it might disappoint you.

Flu 2013

Director Sung-su Kim's, Drama Thriller, After smuggling illegal immigrants into South Korea, a smuggler catches an unknown virus from one of their prisoners. Soon after, the same symptoms

start to plague the residents within the suburbs of the city of Seoul. Where this new kind of deadly disease can kill a person within 36 hours.

An impressive disaster movie with a rather tense premise, Flu really delivers on suspense and action, with characters that are very engaging.But it does have some tonal issues in regards to a few over-sentimental scenes. But Despite its flaws and it's over the top moments, Flu is a pretty

entertaining film. It's just a pity that if the story had stuck to a darker tone this could have been a very powerful movie.

Blindness 2008

Director Fernando Meirelles, Mystery sci-fi, Where a city is devastated by a mysterious epidemic of instant white blindness. Among the first infected is an ophthalmologist and his wife who become quarantined by the government. Sent to an abandoned mental asylum, and without any medical supplies or visual aide, hundreds of infected are left to their own means to survive.

With an awesome cast, solid cinematography, and great direction Blindness is a gritty film which has a very different take on the outbreak genre. While some people will see this as letdown in comparison to the novel it's based on. I think it succeeds at what it tries to accomplish; demonstrating the human experience under terrible circumstances. Blindness is a tough film to watch, and definitely not for everyone, but if you're curious- then give it a try.

28 days later 2002

Director Danny Boyle's, Sci-fi Horror, Follows Jim, who wakes up from a short term coma to see that the world has drastically changed. London has become like something from a post apocalyptic movie and no-one can be found. Unknown to Jim there are plenty of people about, it's just that they've all become blood-crazed psychopaths.

The low budget instant classic that redefined the zombie genre, 28 Days later has loads of horror & terror with just about the right amount of realism. The characters are well developed, the plot is straightforward and haunting and the pacing is tight. 28 days later, is very thought-provoking,

with a focus on survival and what it means to be human.

 I honestly don't really have anything bad to say about this movie, so if you haven't seen it yet, check it out.


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