Interested in Supernatural Thrillers? I Recommend These 8 horror Movies

The supernatural genre is a pretty expansive subgenre of horror, where it’s movies can be scary, thrilling and even thought provoking. It can be defined by anything beyond scientific understanding that’s within the realms of nature; such as ghosts or psychic encounters.

As recent filmmakers have blurred the gap between Supernatural thrillers & Horrors I’ve decided to focus on movies that rely a little more on held suspense of events rather than momentary shock.

Mind you, that doesn’t mean that my selections for this week will by lacking any shocking or horror moments, but if you want to see something more like that, then I’ve already created a Horror version of this video. And for those of you new to this channel, I try to avoid picking super obvious movies, so films like The Sixth Sense and the Others won’t be making an appearance.

Ring 1998

Director Nakata Hideo’s Mystery Horror, After the mysterious death of her cousin Tomoko a reporter and her ex-husband investigate a video tape that’s linked to her cousins death --Ignoring the many superstitious rumors about this tapes ability to kill whoever watches it within a week. Tomoko now finds out that she has a very tight deadline to solve this deadly mystery.

Originally I was going to put Ringu in my horror video selection but I just found it to be more of a mystery thriller than a standard horror. This is one of those movies that proves a film can be terrifying without Jumpscares where its moments of horror can still arrive when least expected --

Ringu while slow paced still remains eerie throughout drawing on the very best from Japanese folklore to create a creepy and thought provoking thriller that’s definitely worth watching

The Dead Zone 1983

Director David Cronenberg's fantasy thriller - Johnny Smith is just a regular guy where everything in life going well for him he’s a teacher at a local school & has a fiance that he adores -- However that abruptly changes after a near fatal car accident that leaves David in a Coma --

Awakening some time later David discovers he has psychic detective abilities and that his life will never be the same again As an effective clairvoyant thriller The dead zone is a creepy and engaging film --It’s well directed, acted and executed but that's expected from a David Cronenberg film based on a Stephen King novel starring Christopher Walken It’s pacing and story does feel a little choppy in places But that doesn’t take away from the overall experience.

If your a fan of Cronenberg or like psychic thrillers in general Try The dead Zone out

Triangle 2009

Director Christopher Smiths fantasy mystery – Follows a young woman called Jess who’s invited to sail on a yacht with a group of her friends. Encountering a freak storm their boat is capsized leaving them adrift But fortunately for them a mysterious cruise ship appears and they decide to take refuge aboard. However they quickly realise that perhaps they were better off on the yacht

Refreshingly mind bending and definitely different Triangle has a pretty innovative and complex premise that if you just went by the first act alone would think it was like every other recently made teen horror. However as the movie becomes more and more convoluted its complexity goes in tandem with its number of plot holes and some of the main character's motives don’t quite add up

Leaving you with a decent but flawed thriller that will keep you thinking

The Tenant 1976

Director Roman Polanski’s Drama thriller Follows a young and shy file clerk Who is looking for a new place to live in Paris. Where he comes across an almost perfect apartment. But with one catch for some unknown reason it’s previous tenant an apparently content Egyptologist attempted to commit suicide by throwing herself out of her apartments third floor window. Considered by many as a psychological thriller I would have to say that the Tenant has a lot of mysterious supernatural elements to it especially with its third act

Its very disturbing and has this unique atmosphere that’s quite unforgettable --I’d say it's definitely one of those strange arthouse films that some will find mostly ridiculous in part however I find it’s dark humor and eerie visuals highly engrossing So if want to watch something different, try the Tenant.

The Wailing 2016

Director Hong-jin Na’s Horror thriller, Set in a quiet rural village in Korea a new nasty sickness has started to spread around concurrently with the arrival of a mysterious stranger when locals abruptly start killing each other for no apparent reason Suspicion turns to panic for a policeman who must to try and solve the mystery behind this illness after his daughter suddenly becomes ill.

As an atmospheric and well constructed mystery The wailing delivers on both suspense and originality -- However at 156 minutes in length for a thriller it does feel a little too long where you could shave 30 mins off without affecting the overall plot -- if you’re a fan of Korean films or if you’re like mea guy who finds it funny to watch grown men cry a lot --then check the wailing out.

Stir of Echoes 1999

Director Hong-jin Na’s Horror thriller, Tom Witzky is a fairly typical working-class guy Who lives with his wife Maggie and son Jake. One night at a party, Tom challenges his sister in law to hypnotize him, Up to the challenge she implants him with a post-hypnotic suggestion to be more open-minded. But the results aren't quite what Tom was expecting.

Released just after the sixth sense, I kind of feel sorry for Stir of Echoes because while I think most will agree that it’s the inferior of the two. that doesn’t necessarily make it a bad movie. It’s a well made solid thriller that has great performances from Kevin Bacon and the supporting cast-

OK it’s plot is Kind of formulaic and Kevin's character does get slightly irritating towards the end.

But it’s still worth watching if you like family based thrillers that are a bit predictable and cheesy in places

Rosemary's Baby 1968

Director Roman Polanski’s Horror Drama - When Rosemary & her husband move into an old New York City apartment. THey FInd that they are surrounded by peculiar elderly neighbors. After her husband abruptly starts spending all his free time with their new residents Rosemary becomes mysteriously pregnant. Cut of from the world, and feeling helpless, Rosemary slowly becomes

increasingly paranoid over the safety of her unborn child.

Combining an atmospheric score with a near perfect build up in tension. Rosemary's baby really lives up to its reputation as an engaging and engrossing mystery. While it has some very believable performances Rosemary's baby does have its weaknesses, such as having few patches of cheesy dialog, but besides from that it holds up very well by today's standards and is a must see movie.

Phenomena 1985

Director Dario Argento’s fantasy Mystery - Follows Jennifer Carvino, an insect-loving girl who has unusual special abilities. Just after starting at a new Academy for girls one of her classmates is murdered. Motivated to find her friends killer, Jennifer discovers that her unusual abilities might help solve a string of murders While I’m a fan of Dario Argento's earlier work.

Phenomena is not what I would call a good movie in fact it’s quite the opposite, but I just HAd to recommend it as a so bad it’s good. With a pre-labyrinth Jennifer connelly and one of the most horrendously hilarious musical scores. Phenomena has some very obvious strengths and glaring weaknesses.

However that doesn’t stop it from been very enjoyable experience.I mean there is a fairly high possibility that you might enjoy this as a serious horror thriller, but for me I just found it too funny.


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