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Slasher movies are a subgenre of horror film, that typically involve a psychopath stalking and murdering several people usually with knifes or bladed tools. As the slasher film market has become oversaturated in the past decade or so, Today I thought I would make a video on many of the more unheard of or bizarre slasher titles - that never really achieved the praise they deserve, However I will put in one or two, more popular films to keep viral people happy. 

As the definition of a slasher varies to some, for this video I'm going to be sticking to the non-supernatural films, so that means no movies like "a nightmare on Elm Street" or "Child's Play", as I'm saving them for another video.

Black Christmas 1974

Director Bob Clarks slasher horror Mystery Thriller - During their Christmas break, an unfortunate houseful of sorority sisters are celebrating the holiday season, but when a strange anonymous caller

starts harassing them with obscene phone calls, it becomes clear that a very troubled person is stalking them.

This atmospheric stalk and slash classic, while not heavy on violence or having a high body count- is very well made and put together for a low budget movie. Similar to the better known "Halloween", both films are themed around holidays, where they feature a killer with Point of view shots, and both movies have a slow build-up that makes the audience actually care for the characters. 

Black Christmas is a frighteningly effective and way above average slasher with a solid memorable cast and an excellent surprise ending that will leave you guessing. 

Maniac 1980

Director William Lustig's slasher horror thriller- As a result of his lousy upbringing - psychopath Frank Zito, is loose in New York City, doing what all psychopaths in slashers do best.. killing people.

Franks fetish is to collect young women's scalps as trophies for his mannequin collection, and talking to his dead mother at home.

While most of today's horror movies barely register once the film ends, Maniac will haunt you for hours. It well deserves its controversial reputation, for its  extremely violent depictions of scalping and murder.

It does have some unintentionally funny scenes, this movie has excellent drawn out suspense and has one of the best head explosion I've seen that rivals that of scanners.One thing is for sure, I will never look at mannequins in quite the same way again.

The Prowler 1981

Joseph Zito's slasher horror mystery thriller- Set in a small town where a disgruntled WW2 Vet in Army fatigues, has a very strong disliking for happy teenagers. This unknown killer focuses on a

group of college kids holding a graduation ball, the first ball held after a double homicide that occurred 35 years earlier.

While the character development in the prowler is practically non-existent, and the motivation behind the carnage is left purely down to guess work. It's all compensated for by Tom Savini's gruesomely realistic gore effects - where they are among the slasher genres best.

It may not be as well known as Halloween or friday the 13th, but The Prowler is a quintessential slasher movie nonetheless and is a must see for fans of the genre.

Scream 1996

Wes Craven's slasher horror mystery thriller - One year after the murder of her mother, Sidney Prescott starts experiencing some creepy phone calls, by a person with a voice changer. After discovering the calls were coming from a crazed serial killer who's been murdering local teenagers- Sydney soon realises she is the main target for this mysterious murderer.

What makes this movie so fun, is its clever and often use of satire- where it plays with the tropes and clichés of the slasher genre and subverts them with the help of witty film references in its dialogue and solid directing.

Overall Scream is an great hybrid of black comedy and slasher thriller, that is fairly gory and has some good jump scares. It's highly re-watchable and an excellent teen horror movie - which is a very rare treat.

You're next 2011

Adam Wingard's Thriller - Everything is going great at the Davison family reunion, until it all goes horribly wrong when a gang of masked, ax-wielding psychopaths descend upon them. With murderers in their holiday home, the hapless Davison family's fate seems all too clear, or is it?

This home invasion slasher does a pretty good job on building tension throughout the movie, but a warning to those of you who don't like slow paced horror - things don't really kick off until the third act.As One of the smarter movies on this list, you're next re-invents the slasher genre by putting a refreshing twist on the rules of who survives and why.

While some people will hate this twist and think it's stupid, others will love it and think it's great.

The Texas Chainsaw massacre 1974

Director Tobe Hooper's - slasher horror-When a sister and her brother take a group of friends on a road trip - to visit the farmhouse of their dead grandfather - On route they are attacked by a family of cannibalistic psychopaths, where their soon to be very short lives, are plunged into a seemingly never-ending nightmare.

The Texas Chainsaw massacre is a groundbreaking cult classic- that is responsible for establishing many elements of horror films today - While some may be put off by the amateur acting and low budget visuals, there is one thing I can promise you- once the slaughtering starts in this film - you will be shifting uncomfortably in your seat.

Overall, the Texas Chainsaw massacre is a solid low budget film with pretty unique camerawork and an equally unique story.

Cold Prey 2006

Director Roar Uthaug's slasher horror Mystery Drama- The story follows 5 friends on a snowboarding holiday in Norway's mountain region, where they are forced to take shelter in an abandoned hotel after one of them breaks his leg. They are quick to discover that the hotel was closed in the seventies, but unknown to them- someone is still living in the hotel.

A major box office success in Norway - Cold prey is definitely better than your average modern slasher- it's a creepy and suspenseful film, especially during the last half, where the killers screen presence is used very effectively. But a heads up to all you gorehounds out there - if you want

brutality and lots of gore, then Cold prey is not the movie for you.

Alice Sweet Alice 1976

Alfred Sole's slasher horror Mystery thriller -Follows Alice Spages, an introvert 12 year old girl who lives with her mother and her younger sister, Karen. After her sister is brutally murdered just before her first communion, where all visual clues quickly point to Alice making her the police's main suspect.

Apart from the creepy large cat man and some hilariously overacted scenes - Alice, Sweet Alice is a sold & unique Slasher film in terms of horror delivery. Along with the earlier mentioned Black Christmas & Maniac; this movie is one of the few Slashers to really have a sense of atmosphere

and suspense while not relying on blood and guts.

Well-directed and original, Alice sweet Alice, is definitely worth a viewing, especially if you love 1970s horror.


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