Love Sci-Fi Horror? I Highly Recommend these 8 Movies

What is Sci-fi Horror? Well it's all in the name really, where you pretty much have a scary suspense filled scientific film that often revolves around first contact with aliens or mad scientists. This is easily one of my favourite sub-genres where you have this great blend of these two film types that stimulate both your fear and your imagination at the same time.

I always find in order for horror sci-fi to work well - it needs to find the balance between the fascinating adventure parts of science fiction and the jump scares, suspense and gore of the horror genre. So with that been said, I'll start with one of my all time favourites.

The Thing 1982

Director John Carpenter's scifi horror Mystery Drama - During an exploration in Antarctic- an American research team encounters a Norwegian helicopter in pursuit of a dog. After the Norwegian chopper gets destroyed along with its crew, confused by their irrational actions - the US team decide to visit the local Norwegian base, only to discover that something horrible happened there.

If you want to watch a movie that will keep you in permanent suspense then I can think of no other than the Thing. This film is a thrillingly claustrophobic horror that relies on its audience to focus on

trying to determine who or what is going on.

It's well acted with excellent practical effects and an intense paranoid tone that will keep you guessing. If you can - try to watch it by yourself in a dark room, you won't regret it.

The Blob 1988

Directors Chuck Russell's sci-fi horror thriller - When a date between a cheerleader and football player is ruined by a homeless man screaming in pain. They and the town rebel called Paul -take the man to the doctors where they discover that he has a weird type of acid jelly on his hand.

Where this strange life form starts to grow and grow the more it consumes. The rare case of a remake that's equal to or better than the original The Blob is horrifically fun with likable characters, and great practical effects for the time. Where it's filled with some of the most gruesome and silliest deaths I've seen in a horror.

The Blob is a must-see film for those of you -who want a fun fast-paced movie, that offers a little more story and character development than your typical 80s horror film.

Pitch Black 2000

Director David Twohy's sci fi horror survival horror - When a commercial transport ship is hit by a meteor shower, it's crew attempt to control the damaged vessel but fail. Where they become marooned on a mysterious desert planet. With only a few surviving the crash, they discover an abandoned colony whose population mysteriously disappeared without a trace.

The movie that kick-started Vin Diesel career- Pitch Black is filled with original ideas, where it feels like a slasher flick at first, But then transforms into something completely different.It's a clever and stylish move that has some fairly unique cinematography and effects that takes full advantage of the sci-fi theme.

This cult classic is a very fun and entertaining movie to watch especially for first time viewers.

Pandorum 2009

Director Christian Alvart's sci-fi horror action mystery - In 2174 the earth launches the spacecraft Elysium "the last hope of mankind" towards a planet called Tanis. Where the film follows a pair of crew members who awaken in their hyper-sleep chambers - to find that they have no knowledge of their identities nor mission. Aboard a seemingly abandoned spacecraft they start to collectively remember things in attempt to find out what exactly happened.

Pandorum in my opinion has one the most claustrophobic & creepy starts to any horror I've seen.

It's an original film, that's very Dark and suspenseful with multiple twists that all fit together nicely.

This film is great, and I just don't understand why it has such bad ratings. It got a pretty solid and unique story and interesting characters that should hold your attention throughout the movie.

Re-Animator 1985

Director Stuart Gordon's sci-fi body horror - Follows a dedicated medical student called Dan who takes on a new mysterious housemate who likes to keep to himself. The story kicks off when Dan and his girlfriend unintentionally become involved in his housemates freakish experiment. Which involves their recently dead cat and an ominous fluorescent liquid.

Where I almost put this movie in my comedy horror video -Re-Animator is filled with all the overacting and cheese you'd expect from an eighties body horror. While some of you won't find it that funny and will think it's gore looks a little dated.

But if you're like me and love the Evil Dead franchise -then this movie would be a perfect choice for you. It's a very odd, weirdly creepy and yet entertainingly funny at all the right times.

Event Horizon 1997

Director Paul Anderson's sci-fi horror Mystery thriller - In the near future, Seven years have passed since the supposed destruction of the deep space exploration ship Event Horizon. So when it abruptly reappears in a decaying orbit around Neptune. A rescue crew is assembled to retrieve any survivors and to investigate what exactly happened to the ship and why.

Event Horizon is an weird mix of Alien and Hellraiser, where it starts off with an eerie atmosphere and interesting characters that's combined with some cool set design and practical effects.

But it's let down by horribly dated CGI and a confusingly schlocky 3rd act. Like it, or hate it - even with its flaws, Event Horizon is still pretty chilling and suspenseful with plenty of creepy scenes, and some genuinely scary moments.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1978

Director Philip Kaufman's sci-fi horror Mystery & suspense -Follows a health inspector called Matthew who is intrigued when a coworker tells him that her partner is not the same person as the day before. After she visits a psychiatrist, even the professional confirms that a lot of his patients have claimed the same thing. Now worried, even Matthew is starting to noticed that people close to him are acting rather odd.

Another example of where a remake can surpass the original, Invasion of the body snatches is incredibly weird and unsettling. Where it redefined the alien invasion genre with its shocking realism and creepy sound effects Invasion of the body snatchers is a must see for fans of sci-fi, horror or movies in general.

Scanners 1981

Director David Cronenberg's sci-fi horror Mystery & Suspense - Scanners refers to a group of people who have telekinetic powers and the ability to read minds. After a renegade scanner named Darryl Revok makes a man's head explode at a ConSec corporation demonstration. Another scanner is recruited by ConSec to hunt him down

Scanners is another great film by Cronenberg that explores the relationship between mind, body and the possibility of human evolution. Where the practical special effects are really well done, as well as the overall style and set design of the film While Michael Ironside does a great job as an imposing villain.

I'd say the movies only down side, is the casting of the protagonist where his performance is rather Lacklustre. But apart from that I would highly recommended Scanners as a must-see movie.


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