8 Hilarious Sci-fi Comedies - Worth Checking Out

After making many videos on depressing topics like Post apocalyptic and dystopian sci-fi- Today I thought I would make a video on Comedy science fiction, for a nice change of pace.Where Comedy sci-fi is a subgenre of science fiction that often exploits the genre conventions for comedic effect. 

Where it often mocks or satirizes standard sci-fi tropes - like alien invasion of Earth or interstellar travel although not all necessarily do this - So where better place to start than with.

Mars Attacks 1996

Director Tim Burton's comedy sci-fi action adventure -When Martians make contact with earth opinions are split between two camps either seeking peace or preparing for an attack. After the initial first contact goes horribly wrong - with a cruel sense of humour the aliens true intentions

start to become quite obvious.

Probably Tim Burton's most underrated movie, Mars Attacks is a great parody on alien invasion films where it has some very creative ideas mixed with a great cast. However it does have its flaws, in which the first 40 minutes are fairly slow paced with very few laughs and the cameos feel a little underused.

But besides from that it's a strangely original and comically funny movie with some pretty blatant political and social commentary.

Young Frankenstein 1974

Director Mel Brooks comedy sci-fi Classic Horror - Follows a young neurosurgeon who inherits the castle of his grandfather, the famous Dr. Victor von Frankenstein. Struggling to prove that he's not insane like his late grandfather - he travels to Transylvania where he unwittingly discovers the process of reanimating the dead.

This hilarious spoof of the original Frankenstein movies. Young Frankenstein manages to stay accurate to its source material with Subtle humour done right, and great performances from all the cast. While some could complain that the overacting in this film gets a little tiresome towards the end, that all depends on if you like that style of comedy or not.

In my opinion Young Frankenstein is easily one of the best comedies of all time. A real classic.

Death Race 2000

Director Paul Bartel's comedy sci-fi Action adventure - In a dystopian future the ultimate sporting event is the death race a cross country automobile race that requires contestants to run down innocent pedestrians to gain points. The story kicks off when an overt agency who wants

to stop the death race has an infiltrator as one of the car navigators.

Dystopian satire at its best -this oddly entertaining film is set in a world that is outrageous and silly: filled with over the top gruesome kills and very little dialog. This cult classic is pretty disturbing and hilarious at the same time, being one of the finest B-Movies ever made. It's worth watching just to see a Pre-Rocky Sylvester Stallone trying to run people over.

Evolution 2001

Director Ivan Reitman's comedy sci-fi science fantasy - When two college professors and a firefighting cadet discover a meteorite that has fallen to Earth- They soon realise it contains a blue fluid filled with alien life that is evolving at a unbelievably fast rate. When the Government arrive and try to cover things up, they team up with a government scientist to try to stop them.

This underrated parody which I might add is completely ridiculous: has plenty of funny moments -and ironically a plot that would most likely have worked well as a serious invasion movie.What I love about this film is that the actors don't take themselves seriously where they all look like they're having a great time.

Evolution has lots of silly toilet humour so if you don't find that type of humour funny- then stay far away from this movie.

Cocoon 1985

Director Ron Howard's comedy sci-fi Fantasy drama - When a group of residents of a Florida rest home stumble upon an abandoned swimming pool- they decided to give it the nickname "the fountain of youth". Where after swimming in it -they find themselves highly energized. But unknown

to them this swimming pools rejuvenating qualities are not from this world.

E.T but with old people Cocoon is a pleasant movie with a original and definitely unique plot. Where the senior actors do a great job convincing you that they have the energy of 20 year olds. Despite the hilariously cheesy montage sequences that feature some amazingly 80s music, and the potential to have been much better. Cocoon is still a pretty good light hearted viewing experience. 

The Ice Pirates 1984

Director Stewart Raffill's comedy sci-fi action adventure -Set in a distant future where water is the most valuable substance in the universe. The story follows Jason who leads a band of space pirates who are recruited by a princess to help her find her father -who disappeared after he discovered some dangerous galaxy changing information.

This is easily the best worst film I've seen in a while -that's awfully funny and clearly made on a small budget. This campy gem isn't very serious and while it might look like a cheap version of Spaceballs - it has some good comedic set up and pay offs. This is definitely a love hate movie, where it's silly campy humour will leaving you laughing or turning it off within the first 15 minutes.

Short Circuit 1986

Director John Badham's comedy sci-fi science fantasy - When a group of experimental military robots are outside demonstrating their technological capabilities. One of them named number 5 Undergoes a sudden transformation after being struck by lightning. When Number 5 unintentionally

leaves it compound - this in turn creates a lot panic back at the military base.

I honestly think Short Circuit is a movie that anyone of any age can enjoy- While it's not the funniest, it has some good quality light hearted comedy moments. What I really like about this film is that it has a very positive view of AI, where most movies have them turn evil or question their purpose. Short Circuit has a memorable cast; some really enjoyable moments, and a very loveable


Galaxy Quest 1999

Director Dean Parisot's comedy sci-fi science fantasy - Eighteen years after their Tv series was cancelled -the alumni cast of a television series called Galaxy Quest -make a living by appearing at sci-fi conventions. Until they get a job request from some unusual clients who require the Captain and crew to come with them for help.

This movie is more than just a parody with a sci-fi skin, it's also a solid drama and romance. Where the entire cast deliver a good performance and the film is filled with lots of sci-fi references.

In my opinion probably the best sci-fi parody t o date, Galaxy Quest has a great blend of humour and science fiction.

Where some movies are so bad they're good- this film is so good it's great! If you're a fan of star trek or sci-fi in general this is a must see movie.


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