If You Love Post Apocalyptic Sci-fi - Check These 8 Films Out

What is Post-apocalyptic sci-fi? it's a subgenre of science fiction,  fantasy or horror -set in a world after a disaster in which the Earth's technological civilization is collapsing or has collapsed. Their plots are usually set either immediately after the catastrophe - where the focus is on the psychology of survivors - or years later where the existence of the pre-catastrophe civilization has simply become mythology or just forgotten over time.

While closely related to dystopian fiction - for the sake of simplicity for the video I'm going to be focusing on Post-Apocalyptic sci-fi in the sense of character survival over everything else.

Turbo Kid 2015

Directors Simard & Whissell's Post-apocalyptic sci-fi comedy adventure -Set in the wasteland s of the year 1997 where an orphaned teenager goes on an adventure to save his enthusiastic companion from the hands of an evil warlord called Zeus. Armed with little more than blind faith, a turbocharged weapon and the persona of his favourite comic book hero, the Kid has all the odds stacked against him.

Turbo Kid is a retro-futuristic and nostalgic tribute to 80's action-adventure movies- with a great soundtrack and lots of over the top gore. However, some of you could be turned off by the cheap and goofy aesthetics of the film and its lack of an original plot, but despite its flaws it's still an entertaining, full of energy movie that's really fun to watch with friends.

Logan's Run 1976

Director Michael Andersons Post-apocalyptic sci-fi action adventure - Follows a futuristic civilisation that survived some form of unknown disaster by sealing themselves in a domed city. In this seemingly utopian society there is little to no work for its inhabitants, where they are free to pursue all of life's pleasures , but there's a catch - Life must end at age 30.

One of the better science fiction films out there, Logan's Run has pretty good pacing where its story is very clear, and quiet original. While some of its special effects are extremely dated and the over acting can be funny in places- the movie still holds up pretty well.  I highly recommend watching Logans Run, especially if you're a fan of 1970s strange and psychedelic sci-fi.

The Quiet Earth 1985

Director Geoff Murphys Post-apocalyptic sci-fi mystery drama -Follows the story of when a man who wakes to find himself been the only person in his city -where there are no signs of any life to be found. After indulging himself in some materialistic desires, he soon starts a serious search for signs of human life as well as to find out what exactly happened.

Surprisingly engaging and philosophical, The quiet Earth is one of science fiction's hidden gems- where it doesn't shy away from leaving plot points open to interpretation. Another one of its strengths, is that it purely concentrates on character development and narrative. It's a fairly slow paced film that's very atmospheric in a weird but good way.

So if you're looking for a film with lots of dialog or action I would probably give this a miss.

Zardoz 1974

Director John Boormans Post-apocalyptic sci-fi Fantasy drama - In the distant future, a brutal called Zed is a member of the Exterminators a trained group whose only purpose is to do what their god Zardoz commands: to kill and reign terror over the lesser brutals. The story kicks off when Zed- curious about his gods true divinity, finds a way to stow aboard inside the floating head of his god.

Ok 1970's weirdness checklist giant floating stone head check crazy psychedelic effects check entire cast practically naked and acting weird check Sean Connery in a red bikini check. All jokes aside Zardoz is a pretty good move, it has lots of brilliantly shot sequences and scenes with a complex but easy enough plot to follow.

If you're feeling brave, try it, I'm sure you'll like it or think it's really weird either way it's an experience you won't forget anytime soon.

The Blood of Heroes 1989

Director David Peoples Post-apocalyptic sci-fi sports action - Set on a post-apocalyptic desert world, the story follows a disgraced former star of a brutal futuristic sport known as "jugger." Where he takes his ragtag team to one of the remaining Nine Cities to reclaim his former glory and have a chance at redemption.

Clearly made on a low budget The Blood of Heroes compensates for it with an original premise where you have this weird mix of Mad Max combined with a sports film. Not only is the jugger sport well-designed, convincing, and very enthusiastically played - it's also very entertaining.

If you don't mind a movie with lots of violence, check it out- after you do, you'll be glad you did.

The Omega Man 1971

Director Boris Sagal's Post-apocalyptic sci-fi Action Thriller - Set two years after most of mankind was destroyed in a biological war between China and Russia. Army doctor Robert Neville who had immunized himself, is practically alone in the city of Los Angeles- Where he struggles to create a cure for the virus that wiped out most of the human race.

The Omega Man is a solid film with a good cast -where you get to see one of Charlton Heston better roles. Although it's not the best adaptation of Matheson's novel "I am Legend", in my opinion it's the better movie of the three. While the special effects are pretty dated, the story on the other

hand still holds up-it has lots of fun action, and some fairly deep philosophical ideas from the Cold War era.

Children of Men 2006

Director Alfonso Cuarón Post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama thriller - In the year 2027 humanity faces extinction where all women have become infertile. Set in a dystopian London the film follows Theo, a disillusioned ex-activist turned bureaucrat,  who joins forces with some revolutionaries in order to save mankind by protecting a woman who has become pregnant.

While it can be a bit grim and depressing, at its centre Children of men is a movie full of hope. This very realistic thriller has plenty of action, suspense and intelligent dialogue, that's combined with first rate cinematography.

But a heads up to some of you- it has a pretty slow first act which some people might find frustrating and its ending could be considered a bit lacklustre or unengaging.

Tank Girl 1995

Director Rachel Talalay Post-apocalyptic sci-fi action comedy - The film follows Rebecca aka tank girl, who is among the few survivors of a wasteland Earth created by severe drought and pollution. Riding in a tank along with her friends, she fights against the dictatorship of Water and Power a mega-corporation that has 95% control -over the world's remaining drinkable water.

This film has got some really creative ideas, interesting comic book based transitions and has Malcolm McDowell who plays a great bad guy. But by no stretch of the imagination is this a good film, it's another one of those so bad it's good movies. I think it all boils down to Lori Petty's performance of Tank Girl, where if you hate it, you will definitely hate this movie and vice versa.


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