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Interested in Espionage Movies? - Check these 8 Spy Films Out

Are you on a secret mission to discover a list of pretty decent spy movies? That aren't all based around the James Bond franchise? Well today I'm going to be covering the spy film genre. Where their plots usually focus on the espionage activities of government agents, who usually go behind

enemy lines, where if they're discovered, they get either tortured or killed.

Spy movies are usually based around fantasy or real life events, but for the sake of this video I will be focusing on the former, and yes I'll have one, but only one Bond movie in this video.

North by Northwest 1959

Director Alfred Hitchcock's, Action adventure, Follows Roger Thornhill, a New York advertising executive, who is mistaken for a man called Kaplan by a group of dangerous spies. Framed for a

serious crime, Roger finds himself been pursued across the United states by authorises as well as this unknown criminal organisation who want him dead.

With mistaken identities, unsubtle sexual innuendos and a reluctant hero North by Northwest is a masterpiece in cinema, where you get to see the transformation of an ad agent into a secret agent.

Despite been over 50 years old it's visually stunning and incredibly fast paced, where it doesn't stop taking you from one location to another until the movies end credits. A great thriller for all and thoroughly entertaining North by Northwest is definitely worth a watch.

True Lies 1994

Director James Cameron's Comedy Thriller, Harry Tasker leads a double life; where his family think he's a workaholic computer salesman, but in fact he's a secret government agent. The story kicks off when Tasker discovers that his wife could be cheating on him, coincidently by a man pretending to be a secret agent who is in fact a sleazy car salesman.

Full of entertainment and intense action sequences True Lies is the ultimate popcorn movie, where you really can't take it too seriously as everything in it is intentionally unrealistic. It's premise is really well executed where it somehow manages to balance comedy & action with a very serious main antagonist. True Lies is a relentlessly entertaining and must see movie for fans of Arnie and fans of the spy genre.

Spy Game 2001

Director Tony Scott's, action thriller, Follows veteran CIA operative Nathan Muir whose on his last day of work before his retirement. Where he finds out that Bishop, his prot g has gone rouge and been arrested in China for espionage. Using all his skills and contacts Muir must try and find a way to free Bishop before it's too late.

A clever, fast paced, and stylish action thriller, Spy Game is a smart movie that may look like it's all action, but at its heart, it's a very good spy thriller where intrigue and deception are its focus. Where Redford and Pitt have brilliant chemistry in which their acting is subtle and not over the top.

Spy Game is one of those films that's intellectually challenging where it takes a lot of patience and thinking to understand and keep up with the movies plot.

Breach 2007

Director Billy Ray's, Biography drama, When a young FBI agent is promoted from a low-level surveillance job to something within the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He is quickly confronted with the true reason behind his promotion; to spy on a senior agent, who is suspected of being a sexual deviant.

Loosely based on a true story, Breach is well done film, with top notch acting and directing, where both the character development and plot have quite a lot of depth. But if you're expecting action then you will be disappointed, as this film is fairly slow paced where it's main focus is suspense and dialog. Overall Breach is a real spy movie in which it delivers a satisfying story with great performances from Chris Cooper and Ryan Phillippe.

Three Days of the Condor 1975

Director Sydney Pollack's, mystery thriller, Joe Turner a New York-based CIA employee, who's not a secret agent but a reader. After returning from picking up his boss's lunch, Turner discovers that everyone in his office has been murdered. Afraid and unsure what to do, he goes on the run to buy time, until he figures out who he can really trust.

Probably one of the best espionage films ever made, Three days of the Condor is a post-Watergate thriller that does a great job of capturing the paranoia of the time. Not only that it's also a film that holds up today, with a smart & exciting plot in which it has solid memorable characters combined with some nice 70's visual aesthetics. Three days of the Condor is a must see movie, especially if you're a fan of Robert Redford.

Secret Reunion 2010

Director Hun Jang's, action drama, After a shooting incident in Seoul, involving an assassin from North Korea. One of their men is deserted by his agency, while the Police officer in charge of his arrest is fired for failing to stop the assassin. 6 Years later, these two men purely by chance start working together, while pretending not to know the true identity of their co-worker.

Secret reunion starts off with a bit of a cat and mouse plot where both characters are trying to second guess the other. But the story slowly develops to humanises them where you can relate to both of their perspectives. If you're looking for a decent thriller that's a bit different, with some solid action scenes and funny moments, then give Secret Reunion a go.

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind 2003

Director George Clooney's, Biography comedy, Known to most Americans as the guy who hosted The Gong Show, Chuck Barris was also the creator of many other successful games shows in the

1960 s and 70 s. But Chuck also had a double life- apart from been a television producer, he also worked for the CIA.

George Clooney's directorial debut confessions of a dangerous mind is an intriguing film, that has a great element of Mystery and drama to it, where it's filled with memorable quotes and strong characters. It's an entertaining movie that is uniquely directed, in which it has a lot interesting aesthetics.

Confessions of a dangerous mind is a well-made and entirely satisfying film where Sam Rockwell s performance is 1st rate, in which it really makes all the difference to the movies overall enjoyment.

Goldeneye 1995

Director Martin Campbell's, action adventure, When a deadly satellite based weapon known as the Golden eye, falls into the wrong hands. James Bond is sent to investigate where he discovers a

Russian programmer who is the only person left alive, able to disarm this weapon before it does any major damage.

Ironically enough, this isn't my favourite Bond movie, nor do I think it's the best. But it is Pierce Brosnan's first and strongest Bond film, where you find he treads the line between been serious and silly almost perfectly. And without spoilers, it definitely has one of the better Bond Villains who is

easily a match for Bond in every way. Overall Goldeneye is a thrilling Bond film from start to finish that has some fun cheesy one liners and is highly rewatchable.