Interested in High Fantasy Films? Check these 8 Movies Out

High or epic fantasy is a subgenre of fantasy that’s normally set within a fictional world. They’re usually told from the point of view of a main hero who has to fight an evil sorcerer or powerful demon in order to save the world. For this video I’m going to try to have a varied as possible selection, where I might cheat a little with some of my selections in terms of how “high fantasy” they are, but they should be close enough.

Stardust 2007

Director Matthew Vaughn’s action Adventure, Set in the 1800's a countryside town has an unique secret,it borders on the magical land of Stormhold.The story follows Tristan a young man in love,

who makes a promise to retrieve a fallen star for the woman he adores.

But unknown to Tristan, he will have to go beyond the boundaries of Stormhold to reach his prize.

Easily one of my favorite movies of 2007, Stardust is a fantastic adventure film, that’s lots of fun and filled with celebrity cameos. It’s rare to get a modern fantasy film of this caliber that is both funny and creative while staying wholly original,looking great and been very entertaining. Stardust is a must-see movie for any film enthusiast,and IMO it can compete with other classics of this genre.

Clash of the Titans 1981

Director Desmond Davis’s Action adventure, Perseus a mortal man, lives a simple life on the island of Serifos. But unknown to him, he’s actually a demigod and son of Zeus.After been transported to the city of Joppa, Perseus encounters and falls in love with a cursed princess, where he sets out to free herand win her hand in marriage.

While it’s practical effects are horribly dated (but I love them), Clash of the Titans is a classic movie adaptation of Greek mythology. It has all kinds of creative creatures and fun cheesy acting. While some people might be repulsed by the visual aesthetics, Clash of the Titans is still one of the better Greek mythology films out there- so if you like fantasy movies- give this a go.

Willow 1988

Director Ron Howard’s Action adventure – The film follows Willow, a reluctant dwarf who discovers a human Daikini baby within his village. After bringing her to his town council, his elder sends him out into the Daikini world to return the baby. However willow soon realises that this baby is very special and returning he will be a far more difficult task then first thought.While it does suffer from been rather slow paced,

Willow is a funny, well made fantasy. Sure the special effects look dated, but this one of those cult classics that still hold up in my opinion. I think one of the biggest criticism of Willow, is that it’s a clone of Star Wars but with a medieval skin- however I disagree and think its worth watching.

Conan the Barbarian 1982

Director John Milius’ Action Adventure, As the sole survivor of a massacre within his tribe, Conan is enslaved and preforms hard labor until he is old enough to be taught the ancient arts of fighting. After been set free Conan becomes a barbarian and sets off to avenge his parents and his tribe whom were slain by an evil sorcerer.

Definitely a guilty pleasure for me, Conan the Barbarian is full of gritty action and quotable one liners.While some may think this film takes itself too seriously, I honestly think this cult classic

is nearly perfect the way it is. With some cool sword fights, sorcery and sets, Conan the Barbarian

has everything you want from a good cheesy 80s action fantasy.

The Neverending Story 1984

Director Wolfgang Petersen’s family adventure, Follows a young boy called Bastian who is tormented by school bullies. While trying to avoid his tormentors, Bastian hides in an old book shop, where he comes across an ornate story book. Taking the book with him, he seeks seclusion in his school attic, where he discovers that this book might have magical powers.

Filled with wonderfully strange creatures & set designs, The Neverending story is a perfect example of an 80s fantasy film. After you get used to the quirky characters and cheesy child acting, you’ll find an imaginative and exciting adventure, that for a family film -has quite a few freaky and dark moments to it. While it has some minor pacing problems, the Neverending story still holds up and is definitely worth a viewing if you haven’t seen it yet.

Jabberwocky 1977

Director Terry Gilliam’s comedy adventure, Set within medieval times, a young peasant called Dennis who has zero interest in adventure, unwittingly becomes a hero.At the same time the countryside has been terrorised by a dragon called the Jabberwocky. With his new title, Dennis is now commissioned to slay this monster and save his kingdom.

As a great example of Gilliam’s early work, Jabberwocky is similar to Monty Python's Holy Grail but with far less humor. Sure it’s a little uneven in places and it can be fairly depressing at times- But it’s morbid humor and sarcasm compensates for it. While i’d say it’s not as good as Gilliams later work it’s still enjoyable, unless that is, you hate his films then I probably wouldn’t recommend this.

How to Train your Dragon 2010

Director Chris Sanders animated comedy, In a world with dragons, a young Viking from the island of Berk has to prove his worthiness to his tribe, by capturing a Dragon. But when the opportunity arrives he finds himself becoming friends with a dragon and soon learns that there may be more

to these creatures than his people think.

With a heartwarming funny and thrilling story- How to train your dragon is a great film for kids or adults alike, with it’s fun characters and film score. It has a richly detailed world that looks and feels really well polished, that's filled with interesting backstory and lore. Is a must see movie that’s very fun enjoyable and highly rewatchable.

The Princess Bride 1987

Director Rob Reiner’s family adventure, A classic tale of adventure and love, Buttercup a beautiful commoner, is engaged to an arrogant Prince called Humperdinck.The story kicks off when she is kidnapped in order to start a war with a neighbouring kingdom. It’s now down to a masked stranger to rescue Buttercup and get her to safety before a war starts.

Probably the first Romantic film I ever truly appreciated as a kid The Princess Bride is a near perfect movie that has great subplots, characters and humor. This is one of those rare films that stays fresh and funny even after repeated viewings. It also has a certain type of innocences to it that makes it charming and unique.

The Princess Bride doesn’t take itself too seriously and is definitely worth a watch.


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