Interested in BioPunk Sci-Fi? Watch These 8 Movies

What is Biopunk? It's a subgenre of science fiction that's derived from cyberpunk, but focuses on the implications of biotechnology rather than information technology.Where in cyberpunk, it's characters are usually modified with technology while in a biopunk; individuals are enhanced by genetic manipulation of their chromosomes.

Biopunk started emerging following the discovery of recombinant DNA where it typically covers the struggles of individuals or civilisations, who are often with the misuse of biotechnologies: the product of human experimentation, profiteering or social control. So today I thought I would make a blog focusing on BioPunk science fiction

eXistenZ 1999

Director David Cronenberg's Biopunk sci-fi Action horror - Set in an alternative reality, where society worships organic game designers like superstars - to a level where fanatics actually attempt to assassinate them. The story follows Allegra and her novice security guard who are on the run from these assassins that want to stop her newest creation.

eXistenZ is an intriguing thriller that pulls you deep into a highly strange universe. Which leaves you asking more and more questions where it's full of quirky twists and turns.It's definitely worth a watch for its creative use of organic materials and it's gripping atmosphere of mystery.

While the second half of the movie does feel a little bit rushed - it's cliffhanger ending will undoubtedly keep you guessing.

Guyver Dark Hero 1994

Director Steven Wang's Biopunk sci-fi Action thriller - Follows Sean Barker who is the unwilling host to an alien bio-armor known as the Guyver. Where he is trying to find out why the Guyver unit forces him to fight and kill. A lead from Tv - has him travelling to an archaeological site, where scientists have discovered an ancient spacecraft. That could hold the secrets of the Guyver's origin.

The live action version of the anime of the same name - is a pretty low budget B-movie but that doesn't stop it from kicking ass with some pretty solid fight choreography. While been an ok representation of the Guyver series, it has its flaws- however it's still pretty good.

My biggest problem with the film isn't the cheesy dialog but the sound design, where I swear one of the bad guys sounds like an angry cat.

Code 46 2003

Director Michael Winterbottom's Biopunk sci-fi Romance Drama - Set in the not-so-distant future, where in a totalitarian Shanghai; cloning is a very popular form of procreation. The story follows an investigator from Seattle who travels to Shanghai to investigate a counterfeiter of passports. Where he ends up the perpetrator of an ethical crime called a Code 46.

In a future where things are complicated but not in a conventional way - This is one of those movies in which the plot is almost secondary, where Code 46 works by focusing on the relationship between its two leads. In which it's backed by an atmospheric, dark portrayal of the future.

This is definitely not a popcorn movie, where you really have to be in the right mindset to watch this, otherwise there's a high chance you just won't like it.

The fly 1986

Director David Cronenberg's Biopunk sci-fi Horror drama - Follows Seth Brundle, a self-involved research scientist, who invites a science-magazine reporter to his lab. Where he prepares to demonstrate his telepod, which can theoretically transfer matter through space. But after one of his experiments goes horribly wrong, Seth starts to transform into something not quite human.

One of David Cronenberg's finest works despite its slow start, The Fly is a solid horror that has strongly developed characters -and great practical effects that still hold up today. For a movie about a man fly, surprisingly enough it has a sad narrative -that focuses on a tragic love story with characters that you can relate to. If you don't mind gore then I strongly recommend this film.

Repo men 2010

Director Miguel Sapochnik's Biopunk sci-fi Crime action - Set in the near future where a company called The Union -has technology that can extend and improve human lives, by using sophisticated and expensive mechanical organs. The catch is -these life changing artificial organs can be bought on credit, where if you can't make your payments on time, they get repossessed.

With a straight forward plot and some very graphic scenes, there's something quite creepy about Repo men -in that if a corporation could get away with repossessing organs they'd probably do it. With some great action, interesting characters, and a controversial twist at the end that could be considered either great or terrible this is a fun gory film that's full of shocks that will have you thinking about it for many hours.

Universal Soldier 1992

Director Roland Emmerich's Biopunk sci-fi Action adventure - When a nosy reporter investigates a mysterious team of soldiers with unusual physical abilities. She decides it's a good idea to follow them where she accidentally uncovers their big secret which is that the army have been reanimating dead soldiers as obedient cyborgs.

While the plot is pretty basic and predictable, that's not necessarily a bad thing in this case- as it equates to more action. While the acting is pretty bad -Van Damme & Lundgren are perfectly cast as emotionless cyborgs. Ok it's not a masterpiece by any stretch but it's still universally watchable.

As far as silly action movies go Universal Soldier's action is big, loud and well choreographed. It's a fun film which is a must see for people who love 90's action movies.

Immortal 2004

Director Enki Bilal's Biopunk sci-fi crime action - In the Year 2095 Earth is occupied by genetically altered humans, aliens and gods. Where the ancient Egyptian gods have returned to Earth to cast

judgment on the god Horus. Given only one week to preserve his immortality, Horus must find a human host to help him continue his legacy. "La Foire aux Immortels"

Based on a graphic novel Gods in Chaos this film has a great concept where it's plot pretty intriguing although hard to follow at times. - while the mix of animated and real characters does take some getting used to, it's still a very stylish and artistic movie.  

But if you hate outdated console graphics then I would probably give this a miss otherwise it's a very original film that's worth at least one viewing.

Resident evil 2002

Director Paul W.S. Anderson's Biopunk sci-fi action horror - The Umbrella corporation, one of the most powerful companies in the world has a secret underground lab called "the Hive" where viral weapons are made. When the Hive's AI shuts down the facility for an unknown reason a commando team is assigned to infiltrate the Hive to find out, what exactly happened.

Very loosely based on the Resident Evil game franchise - this film is very fast paced where; a major disaster happens, all the characters are introduced and the entire premise of movie is all explained within the 1st 20 minutes.

While it doesn't have the best acting it's mindless fun and jump scares should entertain you, that combined with a rather elaborate set design that sets the dark mood well - for this atmospheric horror. 


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