Action Comedy Movie Fan? Here's 6 Films for Movie Lovers.

Everyone loves comedy movies, whether it’s Black, slapstick or parody. However with that been said, one of my favourite genre combinations is action comedy. Why, because the best action movies tend to be the ones with banter and consistent funny one liners. So when you up the comedy element while keep the same amount of action, you get best of both worlds. With that been said, I’m going to try & make a varied selection of quirky & funny films that cover both the action & comedy genres.

It's a mad mad mad mad world 1963

After a 15 year prison sentence, an excon who’s in a rush to pick up $350k, that he hid before he was arrested, Accidently crashes his car, with his dying words he reveals details of where the money is buried to those around him. Which leads to a money crazed race across the state.

Funny crazy and highly entertaining “It's a mad mad mad mad world” has an amazing all star cast. Its jokes hold up pretty well, and it’s definitely one of my favorite classic comedies.

The films only weakness is that it's 3 hours and 25 minutes long.. yes- that’s longer than any of the Lord of the Rings movies- so if you’re going to watch this, be prepare for a long but funny experience.

Drunken Master 1978

The film follows Wong, a mischievous, yet righteous young-man. Unable to see eye to eye with his-father, completely-broke and with nowhere else to-turn, young Wong grudgingly accepts the tutelage of Beggar So, a notoriously intoxicated martial-arts master.

One of Jackie Chan’s earliest & best-roles Drunken Master is a perfect mix of martial-arts action and humor. The comedy timing in this first rate & The training scenes really show off how capable Jackie was when he was in his prime, I’d say Drunken Masters only-weakness is that it’s a little too heavy on martial arts in relation to it’s dialog. But apart from-that, Jackie is very funny and his unbelievably energetic stunts are a treat to see

Big Trouble in Little China 1986

Jack Burton a hard-boiled truck-driver, agrees to help rescue his friend's fiance from a Chinese street gang. Jack gets in a little over his-head, after he’s caught up in a bizarre supernatural-conflict, with

an ancient sorcerer located beneath San Francisco's Chinatown One of my favorite movies of all-time.

Big Trouble in Little China is a deliberately-campy over the top cult-classic that is incredibly fun to-watch. As far as I’m concerned this-is the movie to sum up the-80’s. In addition to been hilarious & highly-entertaining it’s outrageously ridiculous to a level where it’s- almost too over the-top.

It’s a must see movie for fans of John-Carpenter and anything-80’s, However if you don’t like cheesy films I’d probably skip it, But honestly can’t recommend it more, even if I wanted too.

Black Dynamite 2009

Ex-CIA agent & action-legend, Black Dynamite is looking to find himself some-justice after 'The-Man' kills his brother-Jimmy. Out cleaning up the streets and freeing orphanages from crack, Black Dynamites declaration of war on crime takes him all the way to Nixon's White House.

With a blatant disregard for political-correctness Black Dynamite is Blaxploitation satire at its-best, with its fantastically deliberate bad filmmaking & convoluted conspiracy driven plot. I think what I like the most about this movie, is that it’s still funny even if you haven’t seen any of the films it’s paradoing.

I’d say you might not find it that amusing if you don’t like slapstick-comedies, or if you find films that are cheesy a bit too silly for-you. Apart from that Black Dynamite is an intelligent-satire that’s worth a-watch.

Midnight Run 1988

Ex-cop turned Bounty-hunter Jack Walsh has to find and-return a former Mafia-accountant who embezzled 15 million dollars from the-mob. Under the impression this will be an easy-job, Jack soon finds that not only is this guy wanted by the-mob,

But the FBI are after him to testify against a rather nasty mob-boss who Jack has had past dealings with. From the director that brought us Beverly Hills Cop – Midnight Run really does hit both action and-comedy, where DeNiros ‘n Grodin’s chemistry, comedy timing & character development is first-rate.

Definitely one of my favourite cop/crook comedies Midnight Run’s only weakness in my opinion is it’s slightly dated social-commentary, but besides from that it’s a highly memorable classic that hopefully will keep you laughing throughout.

Kung Pow: Enter the Fist 2002

Orphaned when he was a baby, the Chosen One, sets off to avenge the deaths of his parents who were killed by the kung fu-genius Master Pain. Along the way the Chosen One and his friends, Ling, and Whoa, encounter Master Pain’s evil companions who try to stop the chosen one from completing his training.

Probably the funniest and stupidest kungfu film I’m ever-seen, Kung Power! Enter the fist is one of those super polarizing love hate movies, so much so that I’ve shown this to friends who have either wanted to stop watching by the opening credits or in contrast have laughed until they’ve cried.

This movie is genius level stupid, and apart form a horribly dated matrix reference, I honestly think it’s an instant classic. If you don’t like very silly comedies with slapstick humor, or have never enjoyed watched Hong Kong action movies, then stay far far away from this film.

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