8 Quirky Fantasy Time Travel Movies? Worth Checking Out

Where Time travel is a widely-recognized concept in science fiction, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be science fiction. Where I feel sometimes that when a movie is not scientific it can concentrate more on the characters and their motivation, rather than worrying about how plausible the methods of time travel are or how much sense it makes.

So for this video I’m going to be focusing on time travel that’s within the realm of fantasy, where if you're more interested in films like Back to the Future- then my sci-fi version for this video, would be more ideal for you.

Groundhog day 1993

Director Harold Ramis’ time travel fantasy Romance comedy When Phil a narcissistic weatherman is reluctantly sent to a small town to cover its annual groundhog day festivities. In which he is forced to say the night due to a freak snowstorm. But when he wakes the next morning with a strong sense of deja vu; he starts to panic when he realises that he’s repeating the exact same day again.

The only time travel film in which suspension of disbelief is not required, Groundhog Day has Bill Murray in his prime mixed with a great supporting cast and near perfect comedy timing. Where it covers all the possibilities of what you do would do if you could repeat the same day over and over again.

It’s a psychological comedy that’s highly rewatchable where it has the best character development I’ve ever seen in any movie.

Les Visiteurs 1993

Director Jean-Marie Poiré’s comedy fantasy, The story follows a knight, who while under a curse- accidently kills his fiancée's father. In order to make amends, the knight gets a wizard to create a time potion so that he can go back and stop the accident. However the wizard mistakenly transports the Knight and his servant to the 1990’s.

While crude and absurd at times, The visitors is a quirky french comedy which takes full advantage of the rich heritage of France where it demonstrates how much of the country has changed over time.However I think quite a lot of the comedy element is lost in translation due to it been reliant on a play on words, so there is a chance you might not find it all that funny.

Army of Darkness 1992

Director Sam Raimi’s time travel fantasy comedy horror, Follows Ash a discount store employee, who after surviving the Evil dead in a cabin, finds himself stranded in the year 1300 AD after been accidentally caught in a time portal. Where he now must battle an army of the dead and retrieve a book called the Necronomicon in order to return home.

The sequel to the Evil Dead films Army of Darkness is more of a tongue in cheek comedy rather than a horror. In which it’s deliberately camp and silly where Bruce Campbell's fun performance combined with great practical effects really makes all the difference.

But I would probably recommend watching either of the first 2 Evil Dead movies to fully appreciate this, however if you like this style of comedy then it’s not 100% necessary.

The Butterfly Effect 2004

Directors Bress & Gruber’s drama thriller, Evan Treborn has always suffered from blackouts since he was a child. Where these blackouts would last long periods of time during traumatic events within his life. When Evan as an adult finds a way to remember these lost memories This in turn leads to an unexplainable yet strange side effect.

A surprisingly intriguing thriller The Butterfly Effect is one of the better what if movies I’ve seen. In which it has a well written story that will leave you with something to think about. Where some of its events don’t fully tie everything up together which leaves things open to discussion.

A heads up though, it’s a pretty depressing film at times and has some fairly graphic scenes which might offend some of you.

The Lake House 2006

Director Alejandro Agresti’s time travel fantasy Romance Drama, Just after an architect moves into his unique lakeside home, he discovers an usual letter from the previous owner. After exchanging several letters with this mysterious lady they start to form a bond. However things start to get complicated when he discovers that the woman he’s mailing lives two years into the future.

A simple but effective love story The Lake House is a solid movie that makes good use of time travel via a magic mailbox.But what makes it really different, is how the film treats the time travel letter in which it never even gets queried by anyone, where it’s treated like an almost normal thing.

Overall the Lake house is a fairly rewarding film, while its ending could be considered a little predictable by some, that doesn’t stop it from been an entertaining movie.

Time Bandits 1981

Director Terry Gilliam’s action adventure, When a young boy discovers his wardrobe contains a time hole, he unintentionally joins a band of renegade time travelling dwarves. Who like to jump from century to century looking for things to steal. But what the boy doesn’t know, is that the dwarves stole something from their master, and that they’re on the run from him.

Just as weird as it is enjoyable Time Bandits is filled with surreal imagery and quirky set design which is what you would expect from a Terry Gilliam movie. This 80’s classic is as original as a film can get where at times it's pretty dark n creepy, and at others it’s fairly light hearted. If you want to see time travel done eccentrically, in a monty Python Ish style then I would highly recommend this film.

The Time Traveler's Wife 2009

Director Robert Schwentke’s romance drama, Follows Henry a chicago librarian who suffers from a very inconvenient problem, the involuntary ability to travel through time whenever he gets highly emotional. Despite this condition Henry attempts to build a stable life with his best friend or wife, depending on where and when they are together.

Definitely a guilty pleasure for me The Time Traveler's wife has some great ideas where it takes something already complicated such a relationship between two people and then adds a whole new level to it.

Despite that it has some minor flaws in that some people will find it a bit incoherent at times. That doesn’t stop it from been a solid and endearing drama that makes great use of time travel.

Run Lola Run 1999

Director Tom Tykwer’s crime thriller, When Lola is at home, she receives a call from her panicked boyfriend Manni, who informs her that he’s just left 100,000 DM of his boss’s money on a train, and that she now only has 20 mins to somehow replace this cash and get it to Manni before his gangster boss has him killed.

One of those rare films that’s satisfyingly absorbing and entertaining Run Lola Run is a super fast paced and almost perfectly edited movie. Where it has this unique and fun form of storytelling using polaroids to quickly explain someone's possible future- due to their interaction with Lola.

If you want to watch something that’s a little bit different from the average movie that's full of energy and very stylistic then Run Lola Run would be the ideal choice for you.


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