8 Hilarious Slapstick Movies You Should Check out

Updated: Feb 7

And in last times selection I covered the all too gruesome Body Horror sub-genre, so this week I decided to go for Slapstick comedy to keep things a little bit more upbeat and light-hearted.

Now Slapstick is one of those comedy subgenres that’s pretty ageless as it’s been used since the times of Shakespeare.

And no matter who you are, there has always been some point in your life when you’ve laughed at someone falling over or hurting themselves in a silly fashion.

Now to make my life a lot easier I’ve decided to not cover any of the older classics with actors like Charlie Chaplin or the Marx Brothers- But if you want to see a video with older black and white comedies, let me know.

Police Story 1985

The film follows Chan a righteous Hong Kong cop who single-handedly busts a major drug-lord called Chu Tao. Chu's secretary, Selina Fong, is being held by the police as a witness against Chu, while Chan is assigned to protect her. Things go from bad to worse- when the drug lord's case is dismissed, and he decides he wants both his secretary and the man who caught him dead.

Combining excellent slapstick comedy with thrillingly choreographed set pieces, Police Story is not only a great action-comedy, but the crime story element is also fairly decent. But I have to say I tried watching the dub version of this and I didn't last more than 15 mins- so I strongly suggest you watch this with subtitles as the dub does this no justice. Police Story is one of Jackie's finest works, so much so that I probably wouldn't recommend seeing this if you haven't watched any of his other movies - as they don't come much better than this. Either way, it's a fantastic and highly entertaining film.

A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum 1966

Follows Pseudolus, a cunning but lazy Roman slave who'll do anything to purchase his freedom. When his master leaves for the day, he finds out that their son, young master Hero has fallen in love with a courtesan girl in the house next door. Pseudolus seizes the opportunity to convince Hero into freeing him if he gets him the girl he loves.

A great slapstick musical that doesn't take itself too seriously. A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum is a consistently excellent film, with its fast pace memorable characters and funny jokes.But, a heads up to some of you- it's very silly, and a few of its jokes might be a bit hit and miss, due to the age of the movie. But if you go along for the ride and don't take it too seriously, you'll have a fun time.

Murder by death 1976

Lionel Twain, a mysterious and reclusive millionaire, has invited the five greatest detectives in the world to a "dinner and murder". Unable to resist the invitation, they must now stay at this bizarre mansion to solve an even more peculiar mystery. Naturally, a murder occurs and kicks off the race for who will be the first to explain this intriguing mystery!

A fantastic parody of mystery stories from the early '30s onwards Murder by death has a great collection of pulp fiction detectives all packed with funny stereotypes and tropes you would expect.

Unfortunately, if you're not too familiar with the films, this movie satire's, then a fair amount of the jokes might be lost on you. That and if you're an SJW, this film is incredibly no-pc in an odd self-aware sense. However, even with that in the account, this head-scratching mystery is a brilliant, fast-paced, fun movie with an excellent cast and plot.

Top secret 1984

Top secret, Nick Rivers, an American 50s rock idol. Is involved in an elaborate espionage scheme after he is sent behind the Iron Curtain on a goodwill tour. While performing in East Germany, he meets and falls in love with the beautiful daughter of a scientist held captive by the Communists. Ending up finding himself involved with the local French Resistance.

The ultimate parody of war spy movies -Top secret is a classic gag fest of silly scenes, crazy characters and manic comedy pacing.Top secret could be considered a masterpiece in visual comedy. However, it's also the movies greatest weakness. As in it has an overabundance of over the top jokes, That and they lose their impact as you're still laughing at the first joke while three others are following in close succession. Nevertheless, top-secret is a ridiculous and fun movie that is always worth watching when you want something to lift your mood.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels 1988

Lawrence and Freddy are two con artists, playing their trade on gullible wealthy women up and down the French Riviera. However, never been able to settle on how to operate in the area. They decide to settle their rivalry by betting on who can swindle a young American heiress out of $50k. The winner takes all, while the loser has to leave the territory forever.

The remake of the film Bedtime Story - Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, is a fun and timeless classic that has one of the best twists I've seen in a comedy.There's a lot to like about this film. I mean nearly every scene puts a smile on your face due to Steve Martin's and Michael Caine's wonderful chemistry and comedic timing. As well as Barbara Harris' role, as their unfortunate victim.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is one of those charming films, where I wish there were more films out there like it. It's got great one-liners, fun, memorable characters and solid performances.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail 1975

In 10th century England, King Arthur travels the countryside to find knights who will join him at the Round Table in Camelot.After recruiting several men, he is stopped by God who sends him and his newly acquired knights on a quest: to find the Holy Grail. King Arthur now embarks on a very surreal search for this grail while encountering many ridiculous obstacles and monsters.

Often either really funny or just odd. Monty Python and the Holy Grail is an absurdly stupid self-aware masterpiece that grants it, viewers, copious amounts of imaginative humour. This cult classic is definitely one of my favourite movies of all time and easily survives the test of time even though it had a meagre budget of $400k. Considered boring while hilarious at times by some, I honestly don't really have anything negative to say about this comedy. Except that maybe I would have liked a slightly more epic ending.

Role models 2008

Danny and Wheeler are salesmen who promote an energy drink in an attempt to encourage schoolchildren to stay off drugs. While Wheeler at first glance, appears to be happy with his job, Danny hates his, which causes him to become depressed and a drag to live with. After they get in a fight with a tow-truck driver and cause criminal damage. To avoid jail time, they choose community service and enrol in a Big Brother program. But can these two misfits figure out how to change their act enough to be suitable role models to these young boys?

A pretty smart and heartwarming comedy - Role models deals with some pretty serious themes but in a fun and light-hearted way.Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott have great chemistry, and all the characters are likeable, I'd say the movies only real weakness is it's slow and almost cliche first act. However, that soon changes, especially after the halfway point of the film.

While I wouldn't say Roles models is the funniest movie on this list-it's an easy watch and a solid feel-good comedy.

The Naked Gun 1988

Seeking revenge when his partner is shot by drug dealers, incompetent police Detective Frank Drebin searches for the Big Bad responsible. After been put in charge of security when it's announced that Queen Elizabeth II will be visiting Los Angeles. Frank weary of a possible assassination attempt on the Queen. Suspects the wealthy yet corrupt event organizer Vincent Ludwig, is behind it all.

Absurdly silly, but all the better for it The Naked Gun is one of those classic comedies that should have most people in stitches. Leslie Nielsen is undeniably funny as the inept Lt and I just love the way he's always fumbling around causing accidents, while the rest of cast don't appear to really react to it.

The Naked Gun is amusing in every way possible for a slapstick comedy, and if you haven't seen it recently or have never watched it before- then please check it out!


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