8 Bloody Revenge Movies Worth Checking Out

This week I thought I'd go for a little bit more gritty and emotional, so I deemed Revenge movies would be the ideal pick. Vengeance has always been a fun and exciting plot point. And within the movie world, it usually makes for an entertaining story in some shape or form. So if you're in the mood for films with characters obsessed with schemes, justice and chaos, then hopefully this vid will be right up your ally.

And as technically revenge is not a genre and more of a movie theme, I thought I'd try to make the most varied as possible selection of films across all mainstream genres, such as Supernatural films and Westerns.

Once Upon a Time in the West 1968

When Mr Morton, a railroad tycoon, hires assassins to kill Brett McBain, a man who has land he wants. His plans are hindered when he learns that McBain's new spouse Jill has inherited this estate.

Framing the murder of McBain on a notorious bandit. This outlaw teams up with a mysterious harmonica-playing gunman to seek revenge on Morton by protecting McBain's widow and taking down the men responsible for killing her husband.

With well-written characters and a story that has one of the best payoffs in movie history. Once upon a time in the west is one of those must-see revenge films due to its killer cast, score and one-liners. Charles Bronson is excellent as the ambiguous gunman harmonica, and Henry Fonda plays the perfect bad guy.

Some of you may be put off by Sergio Leone's slow pacing and long pauses. But that weakness is also, in fact, one of the movies greatest strengths. As it genuinely heightens the films drama and suspense from start to finish.

The Count of Monte Cristo 2002

Follows Edmond Dantes, a sailor who is unjustly accused of treason by his best friend Fernand who wants Edmonds Girlfriend all to himself. Sentenced to life on a remote island. Edmond, locked up and all alone slowly becomes consumed by revenge.

However meeting a fellow convict who becomes his mentor. Edmond learns how to sword fight, gain finance, and most importantly find the best way to get vengeance.

With a likeable protagonist and an age-old story, The Count of Monte Cristo is one of those movies where you'll be rooting for the hero right from the start. Jim Caviezel and Guy Pearce; friends turned enemies have a great yet corny on-screen chemistry. Especially when Guy doesn't quite recognise his long term friend with a beard.

For a 2002 release, this swashbuckler does feel very old-fashioned, and I don't mean that to be as a criticism because it's that cheese factor that makes this film so much more enjoyable. The Count of Monte Cristo is an ideal choice for those of you who love period pieces and great villains.

Hard Candy 2005

After becoming acquainted with Jeff, a fashion photographer on an online chat room. Hayley, a 14-year-old teenager, agrees to meet up with this stranger at his local coffeehouse. Getting to know each other briefly, Jeff invites Haley back to his place, and it's not long before Jeff's naive guest is posing provocatively for a photoshoot. But the question you should be asking yourself is, who in this situation is the predator and who is the prey?

One of the most awkward cinema experiences of my life. Hard Candy is one of those love-hate films that does a fantastic job of making you feel tense and very, very uncomfortable. Considering the films premise, Wilson and Page's performances are outstanding. And while some parts of the film don't quite add up, they're almost circumvented by the movies intense atmosphere.

If you want to see a very different style of revenge movie that will either have you outraged, angry or engrossed, then try Hard candy.

Man on fire 2004

The movie follows John Creasy, a burned-out alcoholic-ex CIA operative. Who for the lack of something better to do with his life. Begrudgingly undertakes the role of a bodyguard to a nine-year-old girl called Pi-ta. Slowly finding a renewed responsibility and purpose, Johns life starts to look less bleak. That is until kidnappers take an interest in Pi-ta and John is hospitalized in her defence.

Upon waking, John is outraged, and decides to go to war against these kidnappers and anyone associated with them.

Another film the critics got totally wrong on Rotten Tomatoes. Man on fire is a gritty action movie that takes its time to build up its characters. Well, that is before it becomes a complete shit storm of brutality and extreme violence.

While the movies overall plot is pretty run of the mill and generic. What makes it stand out among other films is its performances. Denzel is at his best, breathing life into the movie and showing off his entire acting range. And the same could be said for the rest of the cast as they are all excellent. Man on fire is everything a revenge movie should be.

The Crow 1994

When rock musician Eric Draven and his fiancée Shelly are brutally murdered by a group of criminals who terrorize the decaying city in which they live. One year to the day after his death. Eric rises from the dead and comes back as an undead avenger. With one purpose in his new life - to get revenge against the leader of the gang who killed him and his beloved Shelly.

Based on the graphic novel by James O'Barr, The Crow is an action-packed visual feast filled with its dark, gloomy cinematography and high energy fight scenes. One thing I like a lot about this film is the portrayal of the tortured soul of Eric Draven. Where Brandon Lee manages to pull off his manic depressive performance without coming off as camp or cliche.

With a killer soundtrack and some great ideas behind it, the Crow is a cult classic in every respect.

Sympathy for Mr vengeance 2002

The film follows Ryu, a deaf-mute man who works in a smelting factory.

His sick sister who he idolises is in desperate need of a kidney transplant, but unfortunately, Ryu's not a match. After he's laid off from his job and runs out of financial options. Ryu's anarchist girlfriend suggests kidnapping the daughter of the executive that fired Ryu, to use the ransom money to pay for his sister's operation.

The first movie of the revenge trilogy Sympathy for Mr Vengeance is one of those films that exhibit the pointlessness of revenge. All the characters either die or end up with emotional trauma, which leads to no-one actually gaining anything. To a stage where you don't actually know who you're meant to sympathise for by the end of the film!

With that been said, Sympathy for Mr Vengeance is a visually stunning film but not for the weak-hearted. It has great dialogue, a solid score and is definitely a beautiful yet sad and unforgettable film.

Harakiri 1962

Set in 17th century Japan where the need for samurai has plummeted due to long term peace. With no work or purpose, samurai often looked around for an honourable death. The story follows an elder ronin who arrives at a feudal lord's home to request a reputable place to commit seppuku, aka suicide. But when the ronin inquires about the brutal seppuku of a younger samurai who came before him, things take an unexpected turn.

One of the few movies out there that I'd would call close to perfect. Harakiri is an excellent revenge film with first-rate emotional storytelling, beautiful cinematography and awesome yet short fight scenes.

A film that follows a man's quest for inner peace via retribution but told subtly and powerfully. And with emotional scenes and a story that will haunt you for hours if not days. In my opinion, this is simply one of the best movies ever made and is easily in my personal top 10.

John Wick 2015

Losing his wife, Helen, to a terminal illness, Ex-hit-man John Wick receives a puppy named Daisy from his late wife to help him cope with his grief. But after some Russian mobsters follow John to his home, steal his car, and kill his dog. This ex-hit-man comes out of retirement to track down the gangsters that took everything from him.

Smart, exciting, and fast-paced, John Wick a film I could not resist putting into this list. The action is fantastic, the cinematography and lighting are gorgeous, and the simplicity and straightforwardness of the plot are perfect for an action-based revenge movie.

Sure I could have picked Kill Bill or Taken over this, but it's the world-building that I love the most. Especially knowing that there are two possibly three more films that follow this adds to the overall effect. John Wick is a must-see film for fans of action-based revenge movies.


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