8 Apocalyptic Fiction Movies Worth Checking Out

What is Apocalyptic fiction? this is quite a misunderstood sub-genre that even Google gets wrong at times. Unlike Post-Apocalyptic sci-fi where it follows after a disaster. Apocalyptic is set just before or during a potential threat (Extinction, end of the world etc)- such as an impact event or nuclear warfare where the fate of humanity is uncertain.

To be honest it's very similar to disaster movies, where the main difference is apocalyptic is based around people who don't have a solution to the problem, while disaster actually focuses on attempts to avert or escape the problem. But I'm open to debate on the semantics of these two genres in the comments section - as this is a rather grey topic.

Planet Terror 2007

After a lethal gas based bio-weapon is accidentally released at a military base. The Local hospital and Sheriff's department start to become overrun with these so-called "sickos". Where it's down to a rag-tag group of survivors to get out of Texas before they're eaten alive.

A hilariously suspenseful thrill ride throughout, Planet Terror is a cheesy and intentionally so bad it's good film, that plays homage to all those classic zombie B movies. Where it's pretty silly in places; filled with over the top acting, which is somehow balanced out to become a great zombie film. If you're looking for lots of obscene gore, strange exploitation and lots of fun, then give Planet Terror a go.

Miracle Mile 1988

When Harry awakes at night after his alarm clock fails, he arrives three and a half hours late to a date with the woman he loves. After trying to call her to apologise Harry receives a mistaken phone call that informs him that a nuclear war has started and that a missile will hit his city within the hour.

While its beginning is pretty much a love-at-first sight drama; Miracle Mile has some fairly strong social commentary on racism, sexism and sexuality. But due to the theme of the film, none of the characters really has time to acknowledge it as everyone is frantically trying to get out of the city.Miracle Mile is a very low-key film, but that in itself is what makes it such a thought provoking and effective movie.

The day the Earth caught fire 1961

When the U.S. and Soviet Union unwittingly detonate atomic bombs simultaneously, the staff at the Daily Express start to get reports of dramatic changes to the world's climate. Where they eventually discover a frightening theory involving the earth's axis being shifted.

Where it's first act is pretty slow paced, The Day the Earth caught fire soon becomes a great example of everything done right with classic sci-fi.It's an enjoyable disaster movie where it's well-written with fine acting, likeable characters, and has a very snappy script.But a warning to some of you, this movie is very heavy on dialog and it's visual effects are not its focus, so don't be expecting anything to the quality of a movie like Forbidden Planet.

Melancholia 2011

Follows Justine and Michael who are celebrating their marriage at Justine's sister and brother-in-laws home. Where the two sisters whose already strained relationship, is challenged, when Justine starts to fall into depression during the wedding party. Meanwhile, Melancholia, a large planet, threatens to collide with Earth.

This is one of those movies that feels like two different films put together; the first being this chaotic wedding and the latter which focus on depression and the possible end of the world. Melancholia is definitely not a feel-good movie, but as far as Lars von Trier's films go it's pretty funny in places with a very engaging story that is well acted. This is one of those love hate movies that is very slow

paced, so if you don't like art house movies, then stay far away from this film.

Prince of Darkness 1987

When investigating an abandoned church a priest finds a cylinder that appears to contain a weird green energy. Where he ends up contacting a physics professor who is intrigued by the priest's discovery. With a team of grad students the professor heads to the abandoned church to study the cylinder. Where they find, if opened, it could mean the end of the world.

I honestly never thought that I'd find something as simple a green tube to be so creepy, this chilling and very dark film from the master of horror John Carpenter is not a Dracula flick, so don't let the title fool you. While it's not his strongest movie, Prince of Darkness is a well paced original film that places atmosphere & eeriness over blood and gore.

Colossus the Forbin Project 1970

Follows Forbin who is the designer of an incredibly advanced computer that in theory should run all of America's nuclear defences. Convinced it will prevent all future wars, the US government gives the super computer complete control over its missile launchers. What happens next, not even Forbin could have predicted.

The movie that started the 'AI Threatens the World' trope. While obviously dated, it's still a pretty chilling film that demonstrates some early 70s paranoia about computers. While by today's standards the plot is very predictable, it's cinematography is fairly enticing and its acting is pretty convincing too.Well made and suspenseful, Colossus the Forbin project hopefully should appeal to

even the most picky fans of science fiction.

Night of the Comet 1984

When a comet which has not passed by the Earth, for millions of years is about to fly by. Large crowds appear to be celebrating the event except a theatre Usher called Regina -would rather spend the night with her projectionest friend. When the next day arrives the sky has a mysterious reddish haze and there are no signs of life.  

This under seen B-movie of the 80s is a decent Sci-Fi comedy which is a pretty fun satire of the apocalypse genre. Where is has some pretty cool low budget cinematography that makes good use of red filters to produce this hazy fallout effect that looks pretty convincing. The biggest downfall of this movie is that it almost has no plot whatsoever but that's compensated for by relationship between the sisters and the fairly random and goofy events of the film.

Shaun of the Dead 2004

Follows Shaun an ambitionless electronics store employee -who spends most of his spare time at his local pub with his Housemate Ed. After Shaun is dumped by his girlfriend he decides it's a good idea to try to win her back while at the same time attempting to survive a zombie infested neighbourhood.

What I love about this film, apart from it been a great parody- is that if a zombie outbreak ever did happen- I would probably act exactly the same as the characters in this movie. It's rare for a comedy-horror to be both funny and frightening where Shaun of the dead excels at both. It's easily one of the best horror comedies ever made so if you haven't seen it yet, then what are you waiting for?


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